Our Commitment Knows no Bounds

Specialist Aviation Missions - There are occasions when clients of Airstream Jets require help with specialist missions


A range of critical issues may emerge that require urgent private jet travel such as repatriation from natural disaster areas, dealing with the closure of commercial airspace, providing time-critical parts for industry, transporting government officials or NGO’s on official business, searching for vessels lost at sea or missing persons or just conducting reconnaissance missions for various government and non-government departments. The list is endless and Airstream Jets can support all requirements.

Supply Short and Long Term Contract Aircraft - Jets required to fulfil specific contract tasks can be easily arranged


Airstream Jets provides the missing link between companies requiring the use of a business jet, freighters or fly-in and fly-out aircraft, for both short and long term use. ASJ will provide the intermediary service with aircraft owners that require placement of their aircraft on such contracts.