Our Commitment Knows no Bounds

1 How much does it cost to charter private aircraft?

The cost of chartering private aircraft varies depending on aircraft model, age and travel itinerary. Typically, light jets start at about $1,800/hour, with turboprops starting at under $1,000/hour.

2 How far in advance are reservations required?

Reservations can usually be made with as little notice as a few hours.

3 How do I book a charter trip?

Call or send an e-mail to request a quote or reserve your flight immediately, whichever you choose. While quoted prices are only valid for 48 hours, Airstream Jets will do everything possible to maintain the original quoted price.

4 How do I pay for a charter trip?

We accept payment via credit card, bank wire or cheque. All charters must be prepaid.

5 Does Airstream Jets offer discount programs and which one is right for me or my business?

Airstream Jets offers Empty Leg flights whereby selected flights can be purchased for below wholesale prices. We also offer a pre-paid jet card with our new mileage-based pricing program. These are just some of our signature programs and chances are we have a program that fits your needs. Our service professionals and industry experts will work with you to develop a plan that meets your every need.

6 What if my requirements or itinerary change?

Airstream Jets realizes that our customers’ needs change. When they do, we will do everything we can to accommodate those changes and we rarely encounter a situation where we can’t. We strive to offer ultimate flexibility.

7 Can pets fly on these Aircraft?

We are a pet friendly service. Most of the aircraft we utilize allow pets to fly. Let us know in advance if you will be traveling with pets so we can confirm the aircraft is pet-friendly.

8 What does an Airstream Jets charter quote include?

ASJ quotes are comprehensive and include aircraft flying time and all aircraft/airport fees necessary to complete the charter trip. These are calculated in the gross aircraft figure. Taxes, if applicable, are stated on the quote and calculated in the total aircraft charges figure. There is no after-flight billing for such fees.

Standard catering is also included in the quoted price and consists of drinks and snacks. Custom catering, ground transportation, security and all other concierge services are offered at additional cost and can be included in your quote.