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Creating a quicker way for FIFO travel


Airstream Jets holds a strong name in the air travel industry. The importance of chartering and organising travel management for fly-in and fly-out (FIFO) air travel, is significant and pars with Airstream Jets' experience.

In working environments such as FIFO roles, there are some challenges for workers:

  • Long periods away from home, family and their social life
  • Workers' bodies adjusting to work rosters
  • The mental challenges of leaving for work and the excitement of coming home
  • Strain on relationship because of not being ‘near’
  • Roster changes, making it difficult to plan and attend social events


It is therefore, very important that companies offering FIFO work provide the quickest mode of transport to aid in this challenging environment. Make one of the challenges quite simple with Airstream Jets. No long queues at the airport and no lengthy waiting times. Simply jump on the booked flight and off you go.

That is why Airstream Jets are an air charter brokerage company ready to assist your business and continue to support the demand in FIFO work.

Private jet charter provides the flexibility to land at rural destinations, cutting the cost of the extra expenses in flying to a main airport and travelling by multiple transportation to get to the destination. Fly directly there with private jet charter. Turbo jets can even land on gravel landing strips, making the impossible path to travel, possible with Airstream Jets' multiple travel options.

Airstream Jets also understands a company seeking short and long term contracts who require the use of a business jet, freighters or fly-in and fly-out aircrafts. Airstream Jets is the missing link between you and the aircraft owners, to acquire placement of their aircraft for such contracts.

There is huge demand for air charter solutions across the mining and gas sector. It is important that the companies have the most update to date knowledge in the air travel industry. Plus, with a fleet of aircrafts and operators at hand, Airstream Jets provides the ultimate service to your business requirements.

To discuss further your FIFO arrangements, call Airstream Jets today, on 1800 275 387 or request a quote through our website.

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