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Flood relief through air travel


The waters begin to rise. Roads become invisible as the floods sweep through. Houses begin to disappear. Roof tops and high places become the safest places to wave for help. In the hope that someone, somewhere, can find you.

When nature strikes through natural disasters, air charters can become a critical part of the rescue team. In 2011 in Bundaberg, Australia, over 2,000 homes had been flooded. And there had been more than 1,000 air rescues within a 24 hour period.

Airstream Jets understands the urgency for rescue missions and can source aircrafts to assist with emergency missions and quick. Natural disasters sweep through quickly and leave behind much disaster in their wake.

Once all are safe and the clean-up begins, air charters are also utilised to provide urgent supplies such as food perishables and water, clothing and equipment to assist in building shelters for thousands of people left homeless after the devastation.

Airstream Jets can help with other specialist aviation missions as well, including searching for missing vessels lost at sea, or transporting government officials on official business. And even host aircrafts and operators for air ambulance. When an emergency or natural disaster strikes, always contact Airstream Jets for air assistance.

Always plan in case of emergency and add Airsteam Jets' phone number to your contacts: 1800 27 5387 now. You will be grateful, if you ever do need an emergency contact, to have Airstream Jets' phone number on hand.

Airstream Jets was formed by avaiation industry professionals, knowledgeable in the avaiation air space. Instead of worrying about all the organisational factors and who to contact to arrange a fleet of aircrafts, Airstream Jets will do this for you, allowing you to focus on the real matter at hand.

Airstream Jets can even arrange contracts for short and long term use of particular aircrafts.

Airstream Jets' service goes further than sourcing an aircraft for your requirements. We can assist with a range of critical issues that may require private jet travel, such as dealing with the closure of commercial airspace. This would require diverting the course. Commercial aircrafts may be displaced. However, private jet charters and tubroprops may be the answer, as they can land at smaller airports and even get the rescue team closer to the issue. As well as dealing with congested commercial airports.

Airstream Jets is not just your emergency air contact. Airstream Jets can organise a range of aircraft needs for fly-in and fly-out air travel, business jet travel, VIP travel and more. Call today, on 1800 275 387 or request a quote through our website.

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