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When you are looking at charter flights, you may not have thought to look at turboprops. In the 90’s turboprops were known for their loud cabin noise and vibration. However, due the advances of technology, turboprops now boast very minimal noise and vibrations.

Modern turboprops models are outfitted with resonance technology that aids in removing the propeller noise, as much as possible. Takeoff is when the turboprop is loudest, as would be expected.

Turboprops can be chartered for short to mid-range flights; an excellent choice for fuel efficiency and a more economical option when choosing to charter.

If you need to get closer to your destination, turboprops will get you closer with their ability to land on short, or even gravel runways, giving you access to tens of thousands more landing and take off areas, worldwide. Bush areas, mines, remote locations and even smaller airports in main cities, are just some of the reasons why turboprops are a better choice.

The flying time is 2-4 hours, making it ideal for short to mid-range flights. And can fit from 6 passengers up to 50, per flight.

The other major advantage for flying in turboprops, is they fly at slower speeds and lower altitudes, keeping them out of the way of larger jets. And because of this advantage, turboprops do not get involved in the problem of late departures and arrivals, like larger jets who are competing for the same airspace, meaning your schedule is more likely to be met than stranded at a central airport for hours.

Plus luxury and comfort is not lost on a turboprop. Bonus!

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