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How an air charter broker best works for you


What does an air charter broker do?

The main aspect of your broker's job is to understand your needs and act in the same way as a travel agent would in order to find the private jet operator and aircraft that is best suited for you and at the best rate. Except, instead of just commercial airlines, they have a whole fleet to work with, to suit your schedule and budget. Maximising your time, ensuring privacy in terms of air travel and air travel flexibility, in case the schedule changes.

Organizing and planning is their skill strength to cater for the logistics of your travel. Plus providing competitive rates and finding alternative routes and charter aircrafts at the last minute, if your commercial flight is delayed or cancelled.

Airstream Jets is an air charter brokerage company and has a global network to ensure you receive prime service to your desired destination at the best cost.

Inside access to the air travel industry

Air charter brokers have inside access to the air travel industry. And have the ability and control to change any last minute schedule changes that may require a different aircraft or airport. Short notice in terms of your air charter, is never an issue.

Security and safety

Air charter brokers have the information and knowledge of air travel rules and regulations. This ensures the charter operator and aircrafts are complying with protocol. Airstream Jets provides travellers with safety reports relating to the operators and aircrafts.

When it comes to air travel, it is always best to contact air charter brokers as your first and only point of call. In particular, Airstream Jets has got you covered. Call Airstream Jets today on 1800 275 387 to discuss your travel arrangements or request a quote through our website. For the ultimate way to book travel, Airstream Jets is your number one provider.

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