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What to do if you're stranded at the airport?



You are at the end of your holiday trip, when you discover that you are stuck at the airport. What do you do?

It is not uncommon to hear a traveller being stuck at an airport. Possible reasons for the delay are plane delays and strikes, which could be a matter of hours to days, before the flight is rescheduled.

What do you do? Just wait for the unknown remedy time, for the next available flight to appear? And what about the mass crowd of passengers who are also waiting for the next available flight.

Panic, rudeness and boredom will ride through the range of emotions.

First thing first, you call Airstream Jets on 1800 275 387 and we will arrange for your air travel needs to be re-arranged and quick.

Your time is important to us. Do not waste another minute tapping your fingers on the stiff airport chair, looking at the screen wondering when your actual flight will become available.

Consider the costs of having to stay at your current location, while waiting. It could be days before your flight gets back on schedule. Accommodation costs, food and transport costs all add up, and very quickly. Perhaps even new clothing has to be bought due to a stop over at a destination that is a different climate with the original plan to only be there for an hour at the airport, now you have to buy additional clothes and find a way to fit this in your luggage when it’s time to leave.

And if you have children travelling too, the last thing you want to be doing is trying to keep them occupied for long hours at a time, in a place where they have to stay put for hours on end.

Airstream Jets is in contact with Approved Operators by the Aviation Authority within the relevant region, who can aid in getting you into a flight that will get you home on schedule.

Avoid all the running around, calling travel companies, and trying to look online to book new tickets. Simply call Airstream Jets 1800 275 387 and we will organise your next flight as quickly as possible.

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