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Fly-in and fly-out (FIFO) air services need to be managed and organised effectively to ensure smooth operations and efficiency.

Differences between flying commercial and charter for FIFO

The problem with utilising a commercial airline is you are working with their schedule rather than your own. The second concern in flying commercial is you will only fly to the main airport, not the closest airport.

Flying by private charter allows your workers to get closer to their destination, as aircrafts can fly to more rural locations with smaller landing strips. Airstream Jets not only provides this service, but also can supply short and long term contracts for regular use. This reliability of having an aircraft when and where you need it, is one less concern a business needs to manage. Plus when you fly by private charter, we work to fulfil your contract needs.

FIFO air travel times shortened with air charter services

FIFO can be tough on the individual and having a quick flying solution will ensure the individual is home quicker to be with their family and friends, rather than feeling more isolated in long awaited queues at airports. This quicker way to fly will help the individual get relaxed and refreshed before they fly back in, assisting with the employees' work/life balance and longer term career satisfaction.

Airstream Jets FIFO air travel and management services

Airstream Jets can provide aviation services for a large amount of workers on a regular FIFO rotation or for a small amount of VIP investors. Airstream Jets can even provide you with updates of our empty leg flights, for those impromptu fly out services.

At Airstream Jets we work with a number of safety services, such as providing a safety report with every flight, in terms of the aircraft and flight crew. We ensure all our operators hold the highest safety ratings and meet the National standards.

Airstream Jets understands the detailed planning and technical expertise involved for managing FIFO air travel arrangements and are able to look after your business FIFO needs, to allow you to focus on your core business.

Speak with the professionals in the aviation industry and contact Airstream Jets to learn more about a range of options that can suit your air travel needs. Phone 1800 275 387 or request a quote online at: www.airstreamjets.com.au/request-a-quote

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