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Fly as a team, succeed as a team


VIP sport air travel has become increasingly popular. Avoid the paparazzi and the peering passengers, with VIP/Airline charter options.

A sporting team want rest, focus and group discussion on their sporting plans and to build comradeship. Flying by VIP/Airline charter gives this much needed group time, to players and coaches.

Airstream Jets offers VIP/Airline charter options to fit 17 to 50 passengers over an eight hours or longer, flight. Space is another major bonus when flying with Airstream Jets. If you seek extra leg room, then we can ensure this is provided.

Airstream Jets will also keep a profile on travel preferences, to ensure future travel with the VIPs is remembered and provided.

The other major benefit for using air charter for sporting groups is Airstream Jets are flexible with flight changes. If a game runs over time, Airstream Jets can reschedule the flight very quickly, to ensure no overnight stays for the sporting group is needed. Whereas if the group flew by a commercial airline, they would not have this luxury. If they missed the flight, they miss the flight. Airstream Jets, holds the flight for you. Avoid making last minute calls to book overnight accommodation when you select Airstream Jets.

Airstream Jets will focus on the finest details of any VIP charter inclusive of all border protection requirements.

For teams, the convenience of postgame charters can ease the grind of frequent travel and keep players fresher for the next game.

"Travel can be a big thing affecting the outcome of a game," said former MLB pitcher Rick Sutcliffe to The Wall Street Journal. "If it helps you win one game, one game can be all the difference between making the playoffs or not."

If you want to hear more about how Airstream Jets can work towards your group travel schedule and requirements, call today on 1800 275 387. Or request a quote online at: www.airstreamjets.com.au/request-a-quote

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