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Flexibility in Air Travel


“Need to schedule a flight? We can create that schedule for you”

When one is seeking to book travel, what a person is really looking for is the flexibility of flights to match their own schedule.

With Airstream Jets, we are flexible in the way we operate. We ensure our flights are booked to match your schedule. Wasting hours at the airport, while you wait for a flight transfer because it was the only next available flight, is not how Airstream Jets operates.

We ensure from the start of your flight, through to your end destination that time is on your side.

Flexibility in air travel is on many businesses and VIPs wish list. And Airstream Jets is thrilled to be able to offer more time in your day, for you.

Instead of booking a pre-scheduled flight, Airstream Jets can literally tailor the flight to suit your schedule. For example, your standard way of travel is through first class, flying commercial. The commercial airlines have listed three times to depart, on the day you want to travel. Although when you arrive to your destination, you have to wait overnight before you can catch another flight to your next destination. In this scenario there are more than several hours lost, through waiting for the next flight. Plus the additional costs in over-night accommodation.

This is what Airstream Jets can offer you. Instead of the three options of when to depart. Airstream Jets, has the whole day for you to choose the best time to depart for you. If you wanted to leave later, to ensure when you arrive to your next destination, you do not have to stay overnight. You can simply board the next flight.

The result, saves you hours of wasted time, plus the cost benefit of being paid to work, rather than being paid stuck at an airport for half a day. Minus the over-night unnecessary accommodation costs.

In addition to our flexibility in flying times, Airstream Jets, also flies in style, comfort and privacy.

With Airstream Jets way of flying, why would you ever fly the standard way of air travel ever again?

If you want to hear more about how Airstream Jets can work towards your travel schedule and requirements, call today on 1800 275 387. Or request a quote online at: http://www.airstreamjets.com.au/request-a-quote

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