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Ever wanted to know what why you should always select a private charter over a commercial airline? Now, we answer your top questions.

How is flying private jet provide more flexibility towards my schedule than flying commercial?

When you choose to fly by private charter, you choose when and where. You are not restricted to an already pre-scheduled timetable of flights and destinations.

Flying by private charter gives you access to ten times more destinations to fly to, due to the multitude of airports private jets can land on. Where commercial flights hold a lot of restrictions on where they can land and are unable to work off your own personal timetable or destination.

What types of aircrafts are available through Airstream Jets?

At Airstream Jets we have an extensive range of aircrafts available for charter. Below are our four most popular aircrafts:

  • Turbo Prop – Ideal for flights that are more economical and travel shorter distances. Turbo Props can land on small runways, even gravel runways. In turn, this affords you to be closer to your destination than any commercial airplane could get you. What does a Turbo Prop look like? View this aircraft here: http://www.airstreamjets.com.au/turbo-prop
  • Jet Aircraft – A jet aircraft boasts a fast, quiet and smooth flying experience. Light jet charter is the most economical jet charter option and is ideal for 1-3 hour flights. With the ability to cruise at higher altitudes than turbo-prop aircraft, weather is rarely an issue with the jet option, making light jet charter a popular choice for business travel. Luxury and comfort, click to take a look: http://www.airstreamjets.com.au/jet-aircraft
  • Helicopter - For travel to just about anywhere, helicopter charter offers quick access to remote locations. Whether you need to reach a mining site, or an office building in rush-hour traffic, helicopters provide “door-to-door” access to your end destination. Take a look at what a private charter helicopter looks like: http://www.airstreamjets.com.au/helicopter
  • VIP/Airliner - When your needs require the space and global range capabilities of a commercial size aircraft, VIP or Airliner configured aircraft for charter is the best choice. Ideal for large groups. On-board Cabin attendants are present to ensure your safety and comfort at all times. http://www.airstreamjets.com.au/vip-airliner


What to expect when flying by private charter?

Airstream Jets provides a safety report with every flight to clients, to outline that all care has been taken regarding the choice of aircraft and flight crew. All flights are provided by Approved Operators by the Aviation Authority within the region they are located.

If you have more questions, call Airstream Jets on 1800 275 387. Or request a quote online at: http://www.airstreamjets.com.au/request-a-quote

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