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VIP Air Travel


Make an entrance by arriving to your destination in a private jet.

Private jet charter offers exclusive benefits

Through private jet charter, not only is your flight one of luxury and comfort, it also offers privacy and flying in your own space. Not to mention the time savings from no queuing at the airport for hours on end. And the welcomed space of no camera’s flashing in your face. Security, safety and professionalism is Airstream Jet’s top priority.

Airstream Jets services

Airstream Jets also ensures the highest form of service and confidentiality. Some celebrities and VIP’s even utilise our helicopter service, to literally fly from one place to the next. For example, fly in a helicopter and arrive in style to the top wineries to visit in a day.

Travel and fly together

Private charter is also an excellent service for flying your friends in style. Private charter can be accommodated in a range of light and heavy jets to accommodate the amount of passengers and distance to travel. Spoil your friends and fly with them to a holiday destination for some much needed relaxation time. And start the holiday in air. No frustrations while waiting to board. No fatigue from the long waiting lines. Simply, a matter of arrive and fly.

Ensure everyone can attend

If you are planning a wedding, fly your guests to that secluded island that you wish to marry on. Let your dreams come true and know everyone can be there, without the worry of commercial flight delays and cancelled flights.

Offering athletes a better way to travel

Private jet charter is ideal for those who need to arrive to their destination in top performance. Sports stars who spend time together, achieve better. Unite the sporting team together via luxury travel to their destination. Plus you have the added bonus of no stiff joints, due to the leg space available.

With hectic schedules and last minute changes, flying by private jet gives you the flexibility to book last minute travel plans. Contact Airstream Jets on +1800 27 JETS (5387) for all of your travel needs, now and in the future.

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