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Take advantage of empty legs


Suzy’s situation is quite familiar for many travellers. Suzy has been told by her company that she needs to fly out to another destination in five hours. The problem is, Suzy has only just found out of her soon-to-be travel plans. What can Suzy do? All commercial flights are booked. If she does not get a flight out within the timeframe, she has the possibility of losing a very valuable client.

Suzy immediately contacts Airstream Jets. She advises of her urgent timeframe. Airstream Jets advise Suzy of the relevant options that will meet her timeframe. However there is another problem, Suzy’s travel budget cannot pay for her own private jet. Airstream Jets suggest another option. There is a one-way charter which has empty legs. In other words, the aircraft is empty, as it flies back to its base. The destination where Suzy needs to travel to. Because it is an empty legs flight, Suzy receives massive savings in her travel expenditure, resulting in her ability to fly within the timeframe and not lose her client.

Suzy’s new experience in flying by charter and using the empty legs service, gave Suzy:

  • A discount from the regular cost of jet charter
  • A wide range of private aircrafts available
  • Gave her more time as she had no queues to wait in line in or delays
  • And also gave Suzy the option to add any extra luggage


Suzy arrives to her destination and meets with her client John. Suzy mentions to John about Airstream Jet’s service. John contacts Airstream Jets to discuss how he can best be notified of empty legs, when he travels his regular routes throughout the year. He was surprised to understand Airstream Jets will update him when empty legs when it matches the routes he is going to travel. This way, the travel which is pre-planned, saves John money and time.

Airstream Jets offers a wide range of aircrafts for a range of needs, including helicopters, light jets, jet charter, air ambulance and much more. If you need an air charter brokerage company to look after your travel, whether immediate or future planned, call today on +1800 27 JETS (5387).

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