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There are many benefits to flying by private jet charter. Such as, avoiding queues at the airport, more leg room and less passengers on board. Resulting in more time for your schedule. Better circulation in your body from the extra space and less disturbance from other passengers in flight.

Private jet charter offers you the exclusivity to fly to the unseen places that the tourists will never hear about as private jets have access to smaller airports. In turn, flying private jet charter gets you closer to your destination.

Flying by private jet charter can have you arrive at your destination and be home by supper. Thanks to the freedom of time that private jet charter gives to you.

Go on a real treasure hunt.

Did you hear about the missing treasure, estimated value of US$300 million? Hidden from a pirate called Benito Bonito in 1821. The buried treasure is expected to be near Melbourne or Queenscliff Australia or on Cocos Island. Can you imagine taking the family or your loved one, on a day adventure to find this lost treasure? Imagine the memories created when exploring for real treasure.

Uncover the best locations in your homeland.

Fly by private jet to participate in the following activities and adventures:

  • Trek through the vast landscapes to go on search for rare species and wildlife.
  • Play golf at the much talked about golf courses and hot spots.
  • Kayak along the still waters and watch dusk fall around the picturesque scenery.
  • Hire a luxury vehicle to test drive around the mountain bends.
  • Fly to see the latest sporting event and be back in time to tuck your little ones in bed.


Wherever your truest desires to explore life are held, flying by private jet charter can fly you there and in style.

Private jet charter, does not just take you from A to B, it takes you on a journey to discover the best of life. Added with the best way to travel.

Spend your weekend or spare time, exploring and seeing the world around you with Airstream Jets. The air charter brokerage company that will organise all your travel needs.

Call Airstream Jets today on +1800 27 JETS (5387).

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