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The perfect gift to any traveler - time

gift of time

Running low on time?

Airstream Jets understands your biggest conquest – time.

The freedom Airstream Jets can give you, is time. For example, Quince is the Chief Executive Officer for a large financial company. His wife’s birthday is in two days. He had this grand idea, that he would fly her out to a small island with two of her closest girlfriends. They would have dinner, dance, and remember what it felt like to be in each other’s world if only for a few hours.

The concern for Quince was that he had to make a flight to Brazil, early the next morning. He called Airstream Jets to see what they could organise. He also wanted to give his wife a gift she would not forget.

Airstream Jets sourced a well maintained private jet charter. Quince also received the flight schedule and a safety report of the aircraft. Not only did Airstream Jets find last minute travel arrangements for Quince. They were also able to source the right sized aircraft for the amount of passengers and organised access to fly to the smaller airport opposite the Island.

Airstream Jets also secured a helicopter to fly them from the small airport to the Island. The perfect gift for Quince’s wife.

Quince and his wife and her friends, had a fantastic evening. And Quince was able to fly out in the morning thanks to Airstream Jets simple scheduling and travel organisation. Quince’s wife’s birthday was one to remember for years to come.

Airstream Jets saved Quince hours of time, by using private jet charter. As they did not have to wait around at large airports and had no delays at passport control. They simply let the evening’s magic begin with the best gift one can give – the magic to fly.

At Airstream Jets we offer more than a service, we offer the complete package.

Receive the most out of your schedule. Let Airstream Jets, organise all your travel arrangements. Call our team today on +1800 27 JETS (5387).


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