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When flying becomes pivotal in managing your business.

Time to explore the smarter way to fly.

Private jet charter, is considered a luxury way to fly. Some even call it, the limousine way to travel by air. Yet private jet charter has more recently been discovered as an excellent resource for business travellers.

Why would private jet travel be suited towards businesses?

Smaller airports offer accessibility to harder to reach locations.

Lands in rural locations and non-popular destinations are filled with mining businesses, infrastructure and the like. The need for direct air travel to the location is warranted. The solution – private jet charter.

By flying private jet, your business executives can be flown direct to the location of their business, rather than flying commercial and then driving three to five hours to the location.

Time is a commodity in business.

Flying via private jet gives you time.

Eliminate two hours of waiting in the line at the airport. Remove the three to five hours car travel to the location. By travelling one way, your business has already saved more than five hours of time.

Work out your costs

How much does your time cost?

How much do your business executives cost per hour?
More importantly, how much does your business earn in an hour?
Calculating this cost will show you exactly how much you will lose by travelling through the normal means.

Airstream Jets can assist your business

Airstream Jets is an air charter brokerage company that will assist you in all your air travel requirements. From schedules to the type of aircraft needed is tailored towards the number of individuals on board and the destination. Your air travel needs, have never been more accessible to meet your time and schedule, then with Airstream Jets.

Call our professional team at Airstream Jets for a free quote on +1800 27 JETS (5387).

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