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Live Spontaneously


Do not worry about the last minute flight booking. Airstream Jets can book you a flight and quick. The act of spontaneity can be alive once again, as travellers use the air charter brokerage company to find the quickest flight to your destination.

Put your explorer’s hat on and go on a flight to a deserted Island. Take two must have items and spend the day searching for coconut trees, food and fresh water. Maybe even swim in a rock pool. What you will find, may be a treasure hunters dream.

That is what spontaneity mixed with adventure is – having a ball of a time without worrying about schedules.

Airstream Jets allows you the freedom to board the aircraft at your set time. If you are running late for your private jet flight, we can reschedule the flight. Rather than you missing on your flight.

“A mile of highway will take you just one mile... but a mile of runway will take you anywhere!” - Anon

Expedia did a study on what travellers think about spontaneous travel decisions. 2,000 US adults were surveyed online. Here are the results:

  • 92% considered themselves at least a little spontaneous. About 30% of respondents took last-minute trips out of town
  • 28% indicated that they dream of taking a spontaneous trip to an exotic location, and another 7% indicated they would actually take the trip
  • 26% of respondents were found to be more likely to take a spontaneous trip to a beach
  • 47% indicated money was the biggest factor in planning a spontaneous trip
  • 5% of respondents who take last minute trips indicated they travel out of the country on last-minute trips
  • 93% claim they would be “at least somewhat likely” to drop everything at a moment’s notice to go on their dream trip, if the trip was paid by someone else

When was the last time you took a spontaneous trip? Stop dreaming about it and call Airstream Jets today on +1800 27 JETS (5387) and book now.

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