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Why cheaper flights could cost you more


Purchasing cheaper flights can actually cost you more in the long run than if you paid for higher quality service. Let us take a closer look:

A cheap commercial flight, may cost you $300 one way. After your two hour queuing waiting time and another hour spent waiting for your actual airplane to arrive due to a delay, your plane ends up getting cancelled. And guess what, your ticket is not refundable and the airline advises in order to make another flight (which is another three hours wait), you must pay another $300.

Added with the administrative work it took your personal assistant - that you pay a high hourly rate to – organising quotes, time spent booking the flight, filing receipts and coding it to the right tax code. Plus with the time you have lost, you have already lost a lot more than your initial $300 outlay for the cancelled flight.

But wait there is more, you had a very important meeting with a potential - to be your biggest - client. And guess what? That client can no longer meet three hours later as they have a four hour meeting with their big guys. You have to contact your assistant again, who spends another hour to book you accommodation, car hire and a taxi to the airport to send you a suitcase of luggage (all with new clothes). With the accommodation, car hire, personal assistant hourly fees and a suitcase of new clothes, your budgeted costs for this meeting has already exceeded.

Not to mention the potential to lose the biggest client that could triple your business, because your first impression has already been a failure.

What will you do?

Airstream Jets is here to save the day. Call our travel specialists who will book you the quickest flight available, to save your business deal.

Airstream Jets caters for business travellers and every day travellers. We understand your time constraints and understand how a big business deal relies heavily on getting you to that very important meeting, on time.

As an air charter brokerage company, we can organise an array of aircrafts and operators for short or long flights.

Instead of letting a flight delay or cancellation stress you out, ask Airstream Jets to find you a better alternative and get you where you need to be, as soon as possible.

No queues, no more frustrating calls to the airline provider for new ticket prices and airline flight times. No need to book accommodation, simply call Airstream Jets on +1800 27 JETS (5387) for a free quote and take control of your air travel.

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