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10 Reasons to Fly by Helicopter


Helicopters can be seen as a point of emergency or for joy rides. Helicopters are a wonderful aircraft to have readily available when needed.

Below are ten reasons why helicopters should be a joy to ride:

  1. Boasting privileges.
  2. You can fly from your chartered boat to land.
  3. Show off. Take your first date in a helicopter ride to show what the vast country lands look like from high up.
  4. Lifetime memories are formed. Seeing the world from a different stand point, is a great way to fly. Flying in a helicopter gives you that view from not being too high in the sky that you can only see dots of where the swimming pools are.
  5. See the sights by helicopter when travelling, such as volcanos, stone mountains and major water falls.
  6. Be dropped off by helicopter in hard to land, remote locations.
  7. Beat the traffic on the road and fly in a helicopter, from the helipad on top of your corporate building to your helipad at home.
  8. See the architecture of a city from an aerial view.
  9. Make a life time opportunity into the most romantic and memorable moment by proposing over a specific destination in a helicopter.
  10. For the skilled adventurers, fly by helicopter to your lodge and scenic points on remote mountain areas.

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