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How to win over a Client


After a busy week in the office, you are looking forward to the business travel that Airstream Jets scheduled for you.

An urgent meeting with the Board of Directors jumps onto your calendar. You briefly ponder about pretending not to see it as you leave the office to board your flight.

A one-second delay causes you to contact Airstream Jets to re-arrange your flight. You sigh as they answer the phone, ready to put forward a mileage of excuses as to why you cannot make the flight. And yet you soon realise that everything is all right. Airstream Jets has rebooked your flight for the following morning, at the time you suggested. You end the call and feel surprised at how easy it was to reschedule a flight.

You spend the rest of your day in discussion with the Board. Once complete, you enjoy a restful sleep to prepare for your in-flight meeting. You want to win the client. Flying by private jet is the first step to winning your client. The second phase is proving your worth to the client through your business discussions in-air and the third phase is showing the visual efforts of your work at the location specifically chosen to fly you and your client to.

Your client leaves with a handshake, signed contract and an adventure that will be told to everyone they meet. A walking advertisement if you will, for your business.

Be noticed. Be seen. Win the deal and live the experience.

Flying in leisure is brilliant, as long as those who accompany you are worth the journey.

Airstream Jets, your air charter brokerage company, is always ready for your call. Contact our air-travel professionals to discuss your business needs on the Toll free number +1800 27 JETS (5387).

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