Our Commitment Knows no Bounds

Don't get mad simply change the way you travel


You have been standing and sitting in the long queue at the airport for literally hours. You are hungry, you are tired. You just want to board your flight, get comfortable and tune out for the travel ahead of you. Instead you have a person at front, who is complaining and protesting about their travel plans, taking up all key personnel. Behind you comes the rumblings of people’s protests to waiting around and you can literally feel the anger building from those who are still waiting.

This is where you have a choice. To

  1. Close your eyes and say a silent prayer that the person in front hurries along, so you can at least move one step closer, or
  2. Tell yourself over and over, next time I will come even more early to avoid the rush, or
  3. Yell as loud as possible, ‘I have the love of my life boarding that plane, I need to get moving now,’ and finally
  4. Promise yourself, after this flight you will never again wait in long queues when travelling by air again.

What do you mean, never again wait in a queue when travelling by air? Flying commercial means I have to wait.

Airstream Jets has the answer to your long-awaited fantasies of no queues for air travel. And the answer is not imaginary. This is real.

When you fly via private jet charter, you will not have to wait in long queues to board your plane. There will be no queue for you. You do not even have to arrive at the airport hours before your flight is scheduled.

Because at Airstream Jets, we understand and take great notice that time is your most important aspect to life. Airstream Jets knows that by being flexible and working towards your schedule, your time is left for you. Not waiting in line. Not feeling the atmosphere of those around you pull you down. Simply, you can move forward knowing Airstream Jets has your air travel plans sorted.

One call, will change your future outlook on air travel forever. Call Airstream Jets today on the Toll free number +1800 27 JETS (5387).

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