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When you think of flying, what do you picture yourself doing? Do you put the headset on and watch an in-flight movie? Perhaps pull out a novel to read? Do you become chatty with the passengers next to you? Or do you take this opportune time to look out into the clouds, and see the beauty of this world from a different view?

The latest news, is for US flyers (to start with), that they may lose the sanctuary of peace and quiet, as the mobile phone calling in-flight ban, maybe lifted.

The Federal Communications Commission is considering the use of passengers to make calls using their cell phones on airplanes, saying, the rules are outdated and restrictive.

Already concerns from those who fly regularly and a flight attendant union are valid reasons based around air security safety, noise levels, and even in-flight arguments caused by those continuously chatting loudly to their friends.

Calls on mobile phones are allowed on other transport, such as trains, buses etc. So why not allow it in air? Another combined space in a public setting.

Others have thought it would be a good concept, with the ability to confirm travel times, arrange meetings and do business and not lose precious time on long flights, are seen by some, as needed.

And for those who want to sleep for the entire trip? Well, airlines may introduce a ‘quiet row’, where you pay extra for a no noise space.

Looking for a noiseless indoor flight? Relax in style and in peace and fly via private jet. Flying private jet, means you do not have to deal with the noise of others around you. You can fly the way you want to fly.

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