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Space - is it important?


Global airlines are competing against each other in terms of the size of width between each seat. Or rather being caught out for shrinking the overall width of each seat to accommodate more in each row.

A long flight stuck shoulder to shoulder between two people can be cringe worthy. Let alone if those passengers compressed next to you, are loud and fragrantly-off smelling.

There has even been some talk that new airlines are shrinking the seat width of seats to accommodate more passengers. The UK Telegraph Travel reviewed recently that ninety percent of airlines have opted to include one extra seat in a row, than a more comfortable space of having less. The Wall Street Journal also compared the US airlines seating, stating 17 inches width in economy compared to 21 inches width in first class. Compared to if you wanted the luxury of a movie seat at the cinemas which is 25 inches.

This also brings across concern with passengers, where there is an increase of overweight or obesity rates in Australia and Canada, that passengers are finding smaller seating arrangements uncomfortable.

Sitting down, feeling squashed for a short two hour journey, can actually cause pain and stress on your muscles and body. This is why having adequate leg room, is important even for a short trip by air, which brings up the aged old debate, will people feel more pressured to purchase two seats just to have extra room?

If you are seeking leg room, space and comfort during your flight, contact our aviation industry travel professionals at Airstream Jets, to ensure we accommodate the requirements you seek and to your schedule.

Private jet charter is famous for its luxury, privacy within and the elusive star status. However travelling by private jet charter may become at a better price than flying squished in a commercial airline. And with extra leg room, your body will thank you.

Relax on your flight with room by selecting Airstream Jets to organise all your flight needs.

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