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The costs, safety and travel management when dealing with an air charter brokerage company versus commercial are staggering.

Below are just some of the advantages to utilising an air charter brokerage company:

  • A huge advantage is having the flexibility to work towards your schedule (rather than you working towards the airlines) and flexibility in destination (our aircrafts can land at smaller airports in remote locations where commercial airlines are unable to land)
  • Takes your workers off the long, windy and sometimes dangerous roads
  • Shortens the total travel time, by getting you to the destination without waiting in long and timely queues and sometimes disgruntled passengers
  • We remember your travel itinerary and requirements for future or regular set travel plans
  • We also deliver the aircrafts luxury experience with private jet charter as a perk, giving you a shorter total travel plus a luxurious experience
  • Fly with limited passengers and utilise the confidential space to discuss burning business matters
  • Safety is paramount, that is why a safety report of the aircraft is given prior to flying

The above advantages are listed based on Airstream Jets services as an air charter brokerage. We cannot qualify if these services are provided elsewhere. Yet we can ensure we offer the highest quality service.

Why is it cheaper to utilise Airstream Jets services?

Although we do not lower on the quality of our services, what our services do offer is an overall lower travel expense. Due to the fly-in and fly-out within a day capacity, companies cut costs in accommodation, meals, car transportation and employees time away from work.

Seeking a more efficient way to fly? Call Airstream Jets for a comprehensive quote today on the Toll free number +1800 27 JETS (5387).

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