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Airstream Jets Comes to the Rescue



Airstream Jets can organise urgent private jet travel to assist with unforeseen natural disasters, assist with searches for vessels or people lost at sea and even organise training specialist services for government and private enterprises.

When a natural disaster strikes, seeing from a bird’s eye view, the extent of the damage as quickly as possible, can assist rescue teams and fire fighters on the coordinates of where to focus.

Flying in officials and dignitaries, and even journalists, Airstream Jets can tailor specifically to your travel needs and security.

Due to light jets being able to land at smaller landing strips, you have the advantage of getting closer to the action, if required, and flying out the injured to receive urgent medical support.

Where distress is, Airstream Jets can organise your travel needs, quickly and efficiently, freeing you from the additional stress of having to make travel arrangements. Air ambulance missions make up almost 30,000 performed around the world, annually. Airstream Jets is equipped in assisting individuals, or travel insurance companies, quickly.

Airstream Jets can source you the most well-equipped, modern and cost effective air-ambulance aircraft, to transport precious cargo. Have organs transported, to anywhere in the world, by utilising the Airstream Jets global reach network.

Rest assured, Airstream Jets' emergency service is available 24 hours a day and we will ensure all VISAs are in place for the patient and escort(s), for the country they wish to travel to.  We can assist in arranging ground transportation to and from the airports.

There is no need to panic; Airstream Jets will assist you in the organisation and preparation of the travel requirements.

Airstream Jets is more than an air charter brokerage company. We are the facilitators of air travel, including sourcing of the right aircraft model for your requirements, ensuring your time and schedule is met through our travel planning and the end result is ever-lasting.

For all your travel needs, contact Airstream Jets on the Toll free number +1800 27 JETS (5387).

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