Our Commitment Knows no Bounds

Peace of Mind


Sweaty palms, shaking knees, any type of fear can make you feel physically ill.  Airstream Jets  know that for some people a fear of flying can be quite terrifying. Yet sometimes flying is the only way to travel to a particular destination. That is why Airstream Jets  go out of their way to accommodate your needs. We ensure your flying experience is as smooth as possible. Although we cannot conquer your fear for you, we can ensure you are well equipped with the right information about the standards and licensing of the aircraft and the operators.

Rest assured that we only deal with operators of the highest ratings. Before each flight, you will be given a safety report detailing the aircraft's age, registration and more. We also ensure a pilot and co-pilot is operating the aircraft.

At  Airstream Jets  you can have peace of mind and know that each plane that is selected for our clients to go through an additional stringent auditing process, by us. And we ensure all operators are Approved by the Aviation Authority within the region they are located . Where possible we always strive to give you the newest available aircraft. This type of service and safety awareness to our clients is rarely given when flying commercial.

When you fly, you can have peace of mind that all the relevant safety checks are ticked. We are a charter brokerage company and have the expert knowledge and technical experience in aviation to ensure your travels are above standard. We ensure your expectations of our services are far beyond par with what you would receive flying commercial.

Our safety services are not just for inflight, we also offer border protection requirements for air travel in our VIP Domestic and International Jet Charter, for dignitaries, celebrities and parliamentary executives and VIP personnel.

Safety to our clients is paramount. If you want peace of mind, contact  Airstream Jets  to assist with your air travel needs. Call our Toll free number +1800 27 JETS (5387). We don't just fill planes; we look specifically into your travel destination, the amount of passengers travelling with you and will find you the most suited aircraft for your requirements.  Airstream Jets  caters to you.

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