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Holiday Adventure


Your Holiday Adventure Begins When Flying in a Private Jet

Start your vacation with an adventure in travel. Wow your family with the extravagance of flying private jet charter. Relax with your partner as the children watch the clouds float underneath them in awe.

Traveling by private jet charter is an adventure and life experience that will stay in your heart forever. Holidays and weekend getaways are the perfect time to fly with private jet charter.

Just imagine the looks from the people who watch the aircraft land at your destination and look to see who it could be that flew in such a luxury jet.

Airstream Jets is the air charter brokerage company that sources you the ideal aircraft with the requirements you want, including catering, your favourite newspaper and the chance to start your holiday as soon as you sit down in the aircraft.

Privacy at its best, as you and your family are the only ones including the pilot and co-pilot on board. You don’t even have to be tired or have your kid’s bored waiting in line, as there is no queue to board your aircraft.

Why fly private jet for a holiday? There are some locations a commercial airline won’t be able to land. A smaller jet can fly you directly there. What could take a half day sailing on a boat in the rough seas to your destination, or stuck driving in a car, flying by jet could only take one or two hours with private jet charter.

Imagine exiting the aircraft and not feeling tired and exhausted from the whole travel experience. Instead you will have the energy to begin your holiday immediately. No holiday nap required, unless of course that is the type of holiday you want. A holiday filled with relaxation, indulgence and memories made with your family.

Why wait? Airstream Jets is ready to tailor your in-flight experience, call us to organise your journey on our Toll free number +1800 27 JETS (5387).

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