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All Aboard

"Wow," Lindsey said in awe. "This private jet is absolutely divine."
"And the leg space is really well thought out," Mark added.
"Oh yes, it has been perfectly tailored to fit your long legs," Lindsey agreed. "For a light jet, I feel very safe."
"I just read the safety report and the jet is in excellent condition," Mark said.
"A safety report for an actual private jet, I would never have received one if I travelled with a commercial airline."
"You are right Lindsey, travelling with Airstream Jets was a good decision."

At Airstream Jets our jets are personally catered for luxury, comfort and space. Wow your clients by flying with them to show your latest development.  Airstream Jets sources you the best jet that suits your requirements. When flying for business you can have private on-board meetings and discussions.

Imagine presenting your business opportunity while flying in your own private jet and then landing and being able to focus on the tour, immediately, with the background and technical details already discussed on the flight. When your client leaves, they are left with the best impression of the future of your business and more than likely will want to be a part of your plans.

A great aspect of flying jet charter with business associates or clients is the confidential space you are in, as you are the only group of people flying in the aircraft. Your clients will be impressed.

Private jet charter is a personal experience from the arrival to the departure. Eliminate the wait and queues for check-ins. Travel times can be changed quickly if you are experiencing any delays with your schedule. The experience begins as you arrive to the aircraft. You will be chauffeured in air to your direct destination rather than to the next major airport. Business travel should be chosen through private jet charter.

"How did you find the flight Lindsey?" Mark asked.
"I was surprised the benefits for flying private jet far outweighs travelling by any other means to get here. I don't even have to call a cab to take us from the airport to the hotel. We are only a short distance away due to being able to land at a smaller runway."
"I will be ensuring I call Airstream Jets for any future travel," Mark said. Lindsey agreed.

Airstream Jets will do the organising for you and ensure your trip is not just a satisfied trip, but it is a flight to remember. Call us on our Toll free number +1800 27 JETS (5387).

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