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Travelling by car or plane?

Light jet travel finds a way to bring time to your schedule

car or plane

It was in 1903, Orville and Wilbur Wright invented the very first airplane with aerodynamic control to help steer the aircraft effectively. Like so many others in the world, their dream was to fly and to fly safe. Orville was reported as saying, “If birds can glide for long periods of time, then… why can’t I?”

Return to 2013, where businesses are dominating the world by building the economy and developing the country. Airlines have transitioned from large commercial airplanes to light jet and very light jet travel. The reason:

Airline creators are revolving around what the large corporations built with the large airplanes, where hundreds of passengers can sit somewhat comfortably for long distant flights. But what about the short distant flights that would take days to travel by car and only hours by a jet?

The light jet is able to easily access the popular business destinations affording you a more direct route. The result immediately lowers the additional travel time and costs.

Light jet travel can carry up to 4-8 passengers and is flown by two pilot crews for all flights. Flying for business or taking the family for a holiday getaway, Airstream Jets offers a luxury experience that may not only be more economical for your wallet but much more timely when you arrive to your private chartered jet and be flown to your immediate destination.

Flying with light jets has a lot of positives, including rare delays from wet weather. This means those important business meetings do not have to be re-scheduled. And a private jet charter is smaller which results in lesser fuel emissions.

Ideal light jets travel for 1-3 hours and can land at smaller runways, getting your business executive closer to their required destination without the additional transport. Another option is flying in a turbo-prop aircraft. This is a great option for short trips and can access shorter runways that even some small jets are unable to land in. Flying turbo-prop aircraft can be more economical too. Always speak with your professional Airstream Jets consultant, to give you the better alternative to your travel needs.

Safety is not lost on a smaller jet and Airstream Jets endeavours to give clients a safety report with every flight regarding the aircraft and flight crew. This covers the safety standard type (Industry Standard ISO 9001 or other), the operator’s full name, the aircraft certificate number, audit status, registration and year of manufacture, as well as the total time in service, details of the Pilot, Co-pilot and other crew.

Airstream Jets is a chartered company and will source you the most suitable jets for your needs. The delivery of service is high as is safety. Plus with the ambience of luxury you can expect a quality experience when flying in light jet travel. Private jet charter can be hired for businesses, the government, travel agents, stars and private individuals.

Contact the experts of the air by calling Airstream Jets today via the Toll Free number +1800 27 JETS (5387).

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