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When choosing the best transport to travel to work by bus, train or car, you would look at the following factors:

  • Which of the above provides the quickest and most direct route?
  • And which option is the most economical?


Flying is the same. There are commercial airlines which have set schedules to take passengers to one set route. And then there are private jet charter services that can work with your schedule and fly you direct to your location. This eliminates the need for additional transport to get you from A to B

Set your own air schedule rather than a commercial airline taking time from you. A change of plans in short notice can be easily arranged with your own private jet charter services.

Airstream Jets caters to businesses requiring a more flexible approach when it comes to the business of flying. As an air charter brokerage company, Airstream Jets can literally source the most suitable private aircraft and operators for your requirements.

Rather than wasting valuable time in airport security and customs queues, Airstream Jets passengers are conducting meetings in the privacy of their own jet with their ground transportation waiting airside to take them to their meeting within minutes of landing. It is truly the most efficient use of time – a valuable commodity businesses cannot afford to waste.

Airstream Jets prides itself on providing the ultimate service for you and your business ensuring a luxury experience, combined with a more efficient and economical way to fly.

With Airstream Jets you will be able to substantially lower standard costs associated with business travel. Overnight costs can be eliminated as private jet charter can fly you to your destination and back in the same day. Paying for accommodation to cover overnight stays can be expensive, as well as the added charges for taxis or hire cars.

These cost-cutting measures can literally save a business thousands of dollars if not more, annually. In an interview with Vas Nikolovski, joint CEO of Airstream Jets, in the Sydney Morning Herald Vas said, "Why do one meeting in three days when you can do three meetings in one day?" This accentuates the point that private jet charter can really give time back to your business.

The smarter way to do business is to use a private jet charter. Airstream Jets is a powerful tool for innovative and cost-effective air travel options.

Airstream Jets is ready to help your business achieve its objectives through a more streamlined way, via private jet charter. Fly with us today by calling the Toll Free number +1800 27 JETS (5387).

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